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Badajoz is our town

Badajoz is a town with about 165.000 inhabitants.
It´s the most populated city in Extremadura (Spain).
Our town is set on the banks of the river Guadiana in the extreme south-west of Spain, near Portugal (at about 3 miles from the border).
It´s origins go back to prehistoric times, the Romans, Visigoths, Arabs ("Taifa" kingdom, Almoravids (XI century) and Almohads). After that, it was Alfonso IX, king of Christians, who "reconquered" Badajoz.

Espantaperros Tower

Set near the arab wall at the top of the old city, The Tower of Alpendiz was built by the Alamohads in an octagonal shape with smooth walls.


Set in the old city administrative centre, its building began in the 13th century. It contains three naves and twelve chapels.
It´s a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic style, with Renaissance ornamental elements.

Puerta de Palmas

It´s the most representative monument of our city.
It was built in the 16th century by the architect Juan de Herrera.
It´s a mixture of Arab and Christian style, with two towers and the royal shield of Carlos V and Felipe II (the Austrian Kings).

This monumental entrance joined the outer part of Badajoz to the old centre by way of a bridge called The "Puerta de Palmas" Bridge.

Old Bridge

At the other end of this bridge, crossing through a popular part of the city called "La Estación" (station), we arrive at the new area of Badajoz named "Urbanización Jardines del Guadiana", where our school is situated.
This area is populated by middle class working people.
It is comprised of a High School, an Elementary School and two nursery schools.

It has recreational areas, parks, gardens and sports facilities. It includes also an out-patient clinic, a church and various stores and banks.

Our School

Our school is situated in the river Guadiana's right bank.

It was built in 2002.
Its classrooms are spacious and airy, with sufficient facilities. These include an indoor gymnasium, a library, two computer rooms, an auditorium and three "special education classrooms". It also has a café which feeds nearly 80 students daily.

Our library

The playground is very large and it has a multi-functional field and trees.

There are two classroons used for "Computer School Students" and technological workshop.

The Staff is composed of 24 teachers.
We have an extra curricular department which includes activities with students and teachers of different countries through the Internet.

Write to us:  cp.puentereal@edu.gobex.es

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